The Message on My Wrist

With the way humanity seems to be attached to our phones lately, a timepiece has (with a few exceptions) taken up primary residence in the realm of aesthetics.  No one “has to” have a watch to function when the computer in their pocket can tell time in all zones at all times.  But with that being said, whatever chronometer the aspiring gentlemen decides to grace his wrist with says all the more about him.

Rachel Zoe said, "Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak."

And as an adventurer I am in a constant state of awe at the world around us.  I see beauty in the water, the earth and the trees and when I found out about a company that plants a tree for every watch you buy I needed to know more.  The first question I often have to ask is what is the net impact, when it comes to fashion, it is an industry that is the second largest polluter after the oil industry.  And for all that we ask of mother nature, the least we can do is give back in the choices we make.  Where we put our dollars says a lot more about who we are than what we say.

Perhaps not a first choice for some craftsman but the wooden watches from WeWood pass the second question I ask of fashion, does it have uncompromising quality?  Is the product even worth wearing?  Nobody ever uses the cheaply made tee shirts from charitable events, not because they are not proud of what they represent, but with the exception of private sleepwear they are not quality worth wearing.  I love my watch because it changes that paradigm.  It balances modern fashion and my unique style with earthlover ethics.  Returning to the above quote, I chose to wear this watch because it says the earth matters, I don’t need to compromise style, and more importantly it says I affect the world through the choices I make.  My choices matter