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My Story




a love letter to the earth

My name is Dakota Adan and I love inspiring people to explore this beautiful planet we call home.  As a photographer and filmmaker my work has been called, "a love letter to the earth."  Whether I am working with endangered animals overseas or exploring local gems, I aim to share beautiful and authentic stories.

It all started when I put hesitation aside and made a  trip to the arctic circle to witness the northern lights, a long time bucket list experience for me.  Upon arrival and under the most beautifully lit night sky I realized I did not have to wait to have more experiences like this.

So I planned another trip.

This time to Mexico to witness the migration of the monarch butterflies.  And over dinner that night, my new friends (who happened to all be much older than myself) asked me why a man in his twenties would be traveling to a place like this.  My bucket list explanation was met with smiles and laughter and someone triple my age chimed in, you are too young to have a bucket list.  So I began thinking.

Perhaps not a list.  But a map.

A map to the beautiful places, and breath taking experiences that most people wait a lifetime to pursue.  My aim is to take you there visually, and through the words on these pages in hopes that you too will realize what I did.





you do not have to wait