I Finally Saw the Northern Lights

We all have a bucket list.  Things we want to do, experience, or accomplish before the end of our lives.  But of all the things to procrastinate on, a bucket list is not one of them.  I did not want to wake up one day with no time left to do all the things I said I was going to.  Thus started a crazy adventure where I planned and flew out to Fairbanks Alaska with my sister to see something that I have always wanted to witness.

The Aurora Borealis.

Where to go:

The norther lights happen at the most north parts of the world and there is no one place to see them.  On this adventure I went to a hidden gem in Alaska called Fairbanks.  On this adventure I stayed at Chena Hot Springs but there are plenty of other places to stay as well.  I would come back to Fairbanks a year or so later and stay at the Wedgewood Resorts, which, if your looking for a comfortable home away from home (with a full kitchen!) this is a great option.

When to go:

The sky must be dark in order to see the aurora so the best times are spring and fall (unless you're brave enough to try and survive the forty below winters).  During summer Alaska experiences something coined the midnight sun, where even in the middle of the night the sun is still shining.  Use this tool to see how active the auroras will be, but bare in mind its like a weather forecast so predictions are just that, predictions (this tool also can only calculate up to a month in advance).  And also you will want to account for clouds, even if the aurora is active and it is dark, if the sky is covered in clouds... no aurora.  Yes, I know it seems intimidating, but plan it with the best information available and stay a few nights extra so you will increase your chances of success!